Preventative Maintenance

Down comforters and pillows should be shaken out daily to restore their loft. You can also tumble dry your down products to get some extra loft.

It is a great idea to protect your comforter and pillow. Duvet covers for comforters and pillow protectors are worthwhile investments that extend the life of down bedding significantly. These also allow you to wash the outside covering of you bedding more often, versus washing the bedding itself. Additionally, by using a duvet cover, you are able to change the look of your bed, simply by changing the cover.


Ideally, you will be washing your pillow protectors and duvets rather than your feather/down bedding. However, you should wash your products at least twice a year to sanitize them. We don’t recommend using the dry cleaner because the chemicals are too harsh. Instead, use your own washer and dryer if you have extra-large capacity and a front-loading washer (or no spindle/agitator on a top loader). You can also take them to the laundromat and use the large capacity machines if they aren’t available in your own home.

Before washing, make sure the fabric is not weakened by age or wear, or you might get a washer full of loose feathers. You can wash your down products in warm water on a gentle cycle, using a mild soap like Woolite.

It takes about 3-4 hours to completely dry two pillows or a down comforter in a large commercial dryer on the medium heat setting. Adding a couple of clean tennis balls to the dryer can help break up clumps of filling and maximize the fluffiness of your pillows and comforters. The most important thing is to ensure that your product is completely dry before use since mildew can ruin your bedding. The outside of the product might feel dry but the down and feathers inside could still be slightly damp.