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DOWNLITE is America’s premiere manufacturer of down and feather bedding. A descendant of a 100-year-old feather processing company, DOWNLITE began to make down comforters and pillows in the late seventies. Today, DOWNLITE is recognized as the leader in quality and service and continues to be on the cutting edge in developing new and innovative bedding products. By continuing to invest in people, state of the art machinery, information technology, and quality control procedures, DOWNLITE is widely regarded as the most consistent and highest quality natural bedding company in the United States.

The key to DOWNLITE’s success is in recognizing that retailers and catalog houses are selling almost identical products. DOWNLITE gives our customers a product that is significantly different from the competition. This is accomplished using fine German milled fabrics and superior goose down fills, in the true European tradition. Additionally, DOWNLITE’s product line has been selectively expanded to include unique synthetic fills, such as the patented Primaloft®, that perform very closely to down.

Vertical Integration


Unlike most of our competitors, DOWNLITE procures, washes, and sorts all of our own natural filling. DOWNLITE searches the globe for the best raw merchandise. Our tremendous feather and down processing facilities in Cincinnati allow the company to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and fill quality in the industry. By having all of the down and feather independently tested, DOWNLITE’s customers are assured of the quality they need.

With our trademarked EnviroDown®, DOWNLITE takes an extra step in the cleaning process that sets it far above the competition. After going through the normally extensive washing, the down is placed into a containment chamber that sanitizes the fill at a temperature of 195 degrees Fahrenheit. To complete the process, the fill is placed into an ozonation chamber that eliminates odors and bacteria for a super-clean, hypo-allergenic product that is less likely to cause an allergic reaction than regular down and feathers.

Customer Base


DOWNLITE’s enviable customer list includes major retailers, catalogers, and hotels, including:

In addition to these bedding customers, DOWNLITE sells washed and processed bulk feathers and down to many domestic furniture manufacturers, as well as highly respected international apparel makers. This list includes L.L. Bean, Marmot, and The North Face.Also, as the contractor for all Ralph Lauren natural bedding, and the exclusive licensee of all naturally filled bedding for the prestigious Croscill Home brand, DOWNLITE has been entrusted by some of the most powerful bedding brands in the world.

Superior Products

Obviously, with a customer list like the one above, DOWNLITE must be producing the highest quality bedding products. It all starts with our down and feather fills–the cleanest in the industry. DOWNLITE spends over $100,000 per year in independent quality testing of our down. Our internal standards are far stricter than those set by the FTC and USDA, and we are universally perceived as the highest quality down and feather processor in the United States.With the most sanitized and highest quality downs, we are able to fill the best-sourced fabrics for our bedding products. From luxurious high thread-count German milled shells to ornate Asian designs, we have the unique ability to get the best prices and highest quality comforter and pillow shells from suppliers that we have worked with for many decades.DOWNLITE also holds the patent for the PermaBaffle comforter construction. This comforter design is the best performing baffle box comforter available. Its inter-locking baffles completely eliminate down shifting, even during washing, while maintaining the loft and lack of ‘cold spots’ associated with sewn-thru box comforters. Also, most of DOWNLITE’s comforters are over-sized to accommodate the thicker mattresses available today.Our Product Development team spends countless hours researching newer and better bedding products for our customers. From the “Chamber Pillow” to the down-topped feather bed, DOWNLITE sells some of the most innovative products in the natural fill bedding industry.

Manufacturing and Warehouse Facilities

DOWNLITE’s state-of-the-art manufacturing and warehousing facility in Cincinnati, OH has the finest German engineered computerized bedding machines available. The 200,000-square-foot facility has adequate warehouse space to stock forecasted products for our largest customers. In addition, there is a separate custom manufacturing area that is specially dedicated to smaller runs and more unique bedding items, so that we are able to service our smaller customers even better. Our Cut and Sew department handles all of the decorator pillows and unique bedding items right in house.Our feather and down processing plant, just three miles down the road from the bedding factory, provides daily deliveries of the freshest, cleanest down in the industry. Our down is washed in hot water with German soap and rinsed four times, sanitized, and dried in the finest custom wash lines in the world. The highest quality fills are then sorted, using tremendous separating machines to trap the feathers and high fill power down in distinct chambers.

Value-Added Services

DOWNLITE also offers several features designed to help our customers including:

  • Pre-Stickering
  • Pre-Ticketing
  • EDI Order Processing
  • Private Label Programs
  • Forecasted Inventory Warehousing – We can build to stock with our 200,000 square-foot facility.
  • FasTrack – Guaranteed 5-day shipment turnaround for a special line of products.
  • Biannual Seminars – Our biannual seminars held in Cincinnati unite expert speakers from around the world with our customers. Speakers include the Federal Trade Commission, Independent Down and Testing Laboratories, Primaloft, down and fabric experts, and other industry leaders.

Market Focus

DOWNLITE services several distinct types of businesses as shown below:
National Retailers – DOWNLITE manufactures private label bedding for almost every major retailer.Catalog and Direct Marketers – DOWNLITE manufactures private label bedding for all the major home focused mail order catalogs including: LL Bean, Eddie Bauer, Chambers, Garnet Hill, Cuddledown, and more.Hospitality – DOWNLITE manufactures private label bedding for several of the major hotel chains and specialty Bed and Breakfasts including Marriott and Baymont Inn.Interior Decorators – DOWNLITE works with numerous designers across the country and understands their special needs for products such as decorative pillow inserts and more.Linen and Bedding Stores – DOWNLITE has an extensive series of catalog programs for niche bedding retailers throughout the country.

Let Us Help You

Ready to learn even more about down bedding? Please send an e-mail to webmaster@downbuyingguide.com and we will help answer any questions you may have on down bedding.

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